Adoptee Youth Activity Group (Age 6+)


Art Work From A Previous Attendee

Adopted youth share a unique experience. This six week group meets every other Saturday for 1.5 hrs. and has a curriculum that is designed to encourage the exploration and sharing of the adoption experience within a fun and structured environment. Through crafts and group activities, youth are encouraged to normalize and celebrate their experiences as an adoptee.

Parents will meet with Astrid for a three hour orientation, the week prior to the start of the kids group, so that you have a chance to preview all of the activities that you child will have the opportunity to participate in. While we cannot anticipate every question or comment that may arise, the Parent Orientation gives you a sneak preview of what your child will be doing, as well as a chance to be prepared to continued dialogue with your child after they come home from group.

This activity group comes with

  • One (3 hr.) Mandatory Parent Orientation
  • Six (1.5 hr.) activity group sessions formatted and designed to engage children in discussion and exploration around what it means to be adopted.
  • One (60 min) wrap up session for all parents after the activity group ends.


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