The Unexpected & Lifelong: Talking About Adoption

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“For the rest of our lives people are going to be reacting to this family configuration.” ~ Dr. John Raible (adoptee, educator, advocate, blogger)

Many adoptees will spend much of their lives (long after they are living with their parents), explaining and reacting to questions about their adoption. Some of these questions will arise within themselves and others will be asked by family, friends, acquaintances and total strangers. How can parents teach and empower their children, at any age, to respond with their genuine truth about adoption related questions? Teaching a child these skills at a young age will serve them for a lifetime.The Unexpected and Lifelong is on in a 3 part series “What & When: Talking With Children About Adoption.” Parents will learn:

This workshop is appropriate for adoptive parents, waiting parents, birth/first parents and professionals.

We will also cover:

  • How to share parts of their child’s story and with who
  • When is it appropriate to use humor
  • How to say “it’s personal” without the frustration and anger


Next Workshop Opportunity

April 28, 2019

Portland, Oregon

Hosted by Boys & Girls Aid

(Adoption through Boys & Girls Aid not required)


Cost: Couples: $90 Individuals: $60

PRESENTED BY:  Astrid Castro (BIO)

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