Testimonials From: Talking About Adoption With Your Child”

Testimonials the basics

What topic or part of the class did you find the most helpful?

  • “Normalizing the awkward questions.” 

  • “How to respond to questions and how it will effect our child.”

  • “How to predict difficult questions [and] rephrase.”

  • “Finding out other people’s questions & experiences.”

  • “How to address [people’s] questions so the kids don’t feel ashamed & can be included.”

  • “Thinking through long term effects of how I model my answers to tough questions- Don’t be defensive!.”

  • “[The] Perspective of an adoptee- [the] idea of kids being able to confidently handle [questions] into adulthood.”

What tools did you take from this workshop that you will be implementing in to your work/parenting?

  • “Kids will still be answering questions at 47, our job as parents [is] to anticipate potential hurdles and mitigate [them].”

  • “Proper use of humor and proper responses.”

  • “We will talk to our child more about adoption and make sure he really understands.”

  • “Planting seeds.”

  • “Know that you are teaching your child by how you are speaking to others.”

  • “Make a life story and discuss with child[ren] how to answer rude questions.”

  • “How to use [our] answers to model for kids and educate adults.”

Overall thoughts and suggestions.

  • “It felt a bit like there was an ocean to cover and we just dipped our toes in a bit. But I think that’s the result of her wealth of experience.”

  • “Love it! Thank you!”

  • “Very helpful and enjoyed [her] teaching style.”

  • “Love it! Great info. Communication and involvement was great. Loved real life stories.”

  • “We appreciated engaging. No shaming :)”

  • “Opened my eyes. Will want to pursue other workshops with [Astrid].”

Would I recommend this class to others?

  • “Yes, Astrid has a TON of experience and knowledge.”

  • “Yes! Great perspective for parents who have not been adopted!”

  • “Practical, thought provoking, honest.”

  • “[Astrid is] very knowledgeable on [the] subject.”

  • “Entertaining and informative.”