About Erica Johnston


Erica Johnston has worked with children for over nine years in various forms of social work. Her passion to help children comes from her own story as both a domestic adult adoptee, as well as a foster care alumni ( that means she aged out of care at the age of 18). When Erica was just three years old she was adopted, since adoption was very different back then, her family was not able to receive the types of support that families are now given. Erica stayed with her adoptive family until she was ten, at that time her adoption dissolved (not failed), and Erica returned to the foster care system.

Erica and Astrid first met when Erica approached Astrid to see if she could intern for her organization. That was SIX YEARS AGO! It’s crazy how time flies! After Erica completed her internship with Astrid, she completed her B.A. in Child & Family Studies, with a specialization in Youth and Youth Work. During her six years sabbatical, Erica picked jobs and careers that would help her hone her skills and tools to help families and children in various ways. She in the past has worked as a Youth Wraparound Partner as a Youth advocate; during which time she helped families to heal by aiding youth to find their voice and learn to tools to communicate their needs and wants in healthy ways. She has also worked as a residential counselor at a drug and alcohol treatment facility for adjudicated male youth, and as a Educational Assistant in an alternative school for three years.

In the past year Erica began to pursue her Master in Human services, and her and her husband began the journey to become foster parents themselves. Also during the last year Erica and her husband experience first hand what a disrupted adoption feels like, as they were on the path to adopt their niece. Through that experience, Erica, her husband and those around them began to have a deeper understanding of yet another aspect of adoption.

We are excited to have Erica on board and are looking forward to what this new chapter will bring to ACC!