Testimonials From Transracial Adoption: A History

Testimonials the basics

What topic or part of the class did you find the most helpful?

  • “Be comfortable talking about race -be open- be honest.”

  • “Astrid describing her own experiences.”

  • “Bill of rights- going through each topics.”

  • “Willingness to talk about things that do and do no work/ failures of past policies.”

  • “Discussion on how an adoptive family should be ready to change their lifestyle in light of a transracial adoption.”

What tools did you take from this workshop that you will be implementing in to your work/parenting?

  • “Mechanism in coping with racial identity.”

  • “Reading more books of how to raise transracial children, and keeping an open dialogue.”

  • “Including birth countries in our Life Books and discussions as well as [having] cultural conversations.”

Overall thoughts and suggestions from the training.

  • “Love your trainings & your teaching style! So helpful and eye opening!”

  • “Just makes people think and consider possibly new ideas”

  • “Definitely would like a similar workshop with more depth and detail.”

Would I recommend this class to others?

  • “Yes- very helpful for folks considering or related to people considering transracial adoption.”

  • “Yes! Everyone should be part of this discussion!”

  • “Very helpful in understanding needs of transracial children.”