Transracial Adoption: A History

Transracial adoptive families are often asked their opinions and expertise on all things dealing with Transracial Adoption, however, very few people know the history of transracial adoption in the United States. How did a federal law “the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act” (MEPA) change the way we talked about adoption and race? What did the African American Social Workers have to say about MEPA? Why were there so many Korea adoptions in the 60’s-70’s? How did the once-child law in China really work vs. what children have been told and how that has affected how many of them feel about China?

This four hour workshop “A History” on Transracial Adoption, will cover…

  • A HISTORY of transracial adoption in the United States
  • Evaluating FEDERAL LAWS that inform our adoption practices today
  • How learning the history of transracial adoption will support and help children have a BETTER SENSE of SELF


PRESENTED BY:  Astrid Castro (see BIO)

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COST:  $60 individual, $90 couple


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