Race & Racism For Parents & Educators

It’s 2018, it would seem that racism should be a thing of the past, and yet we are unable to go about even a single day without hearing, seeing, reading, or being exposed to in one way or another, various forms of racism in our communities.

Parents and teachers are faced with having to explain extreme situations of racism both in their own schools and communities, and throughout our nation, and yet most are doing so without the tools or experience to have these hard discussions.

 In light of that we have begun to offer workshops to schools which are tailored to the specific needs of teachers, parents, and staff when it comes to talking about race and racism in their schools and with their students and children. Through these workshops we help teachers, school staff, and parents learn to talk about race and racism among themselves, as well as  help them to gather tools and resources so that they can create safe spaces for dialogue and curriculum for approaching and talking about race and racism with children today.

Race & Racism For PTA’s: A two hour journey through how to identify and talk about Race & Racism with children at home.

Teacher & Faculty Training on Race & Racism: A three hour workshop series on how to identify and talk  about Race & Racism both in the classroom and through curriculum development. The workshop schedule can be tailored to match up with in service training, or early morning staff training by breaking it up into one hour sessions to fit your school schedule.

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“I get it now, basically I have to go out there and do my own work around race and racism before I can feel comfortable talking to my kids about it.”

– Abernathy PTA ’18