For Organizations & Agencies

Looking to book a workshop, series, or panel for your organization or agency? Astrid Castro Consulting offers Half-Day and All-Day workshops, series, and panels, specifically designed for businesses just like yours! We also offer special collaborations with Oregon Humanities, through their “Conversation Project”.

Past Collaborations have included…

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Boys & Girls Aid
  • Nike
  • Oregon Post Adoption Resources (ORPARC)
  • Catholic Charities
  • Ethiopian Heritage Camp (C.O.F.F.E.E.)
  • Mother Tree Doula
  • Department of Human Services

Just to name a few…

Multi-Part Workshop Series

Talking About Adoption With Your Child: “Because adoption almost never happens because everything is going according to plan…” A child’s ability to confidently handle questions about adoption will depend upon your responses to his or her questions. Learn how you talk with your children about adoption and help them to form healthy attitudes.

Cliff Notes To Transracial Adoption: One and a half full days of intense examination of Transracial Adoption. The decision to adopt across racial and cultural lines is a lifelong commitment to matters of race, confronting racism in all its forms, and constantly developing new skills and aptitudes.

Transracial Adoption: Through this series of four in-depth workshops, we will focus on different and vital aspects of transracial adoption. Each workshop will be presented independently of each other.

Adoption Readiness: Is a two part series that provides unbiased, straight forward information in a safe confidential environment, providing parents with a sound foundation for building their adoptive families.


Adoptee Youth Activity Group: A six week long curriculum, for children who are adopted that meets for an hour and a half one day a week for six weeks. Children explore adoption and what it means to be adopted with Astrid and each other through movies and art. Parents can either wait for the next scheduled group, or if you have at least seven families at your school that would like to participate, you can email Astrid to schedule her at your school sooner.

Parenting as Adoptees Group: This 6-week group will be an opportunity to explore their research and anecdotes, allowing you to come to your own conclusions about how adoption has or will inform your decisions as a parent. The nuances of relationship are unique. The relationship formed in parenthood is sacred and comes with complexities and hopes and dreams, however, parenting comes to be. For adoptees these complexities are distinct. The authors of the anthology, “Parenting as Adoptees” have considered these things and come to conclusions about parenting as an adoptee.

Discussion Panels

Transracial Adult Adoptee Discussion Panel
A two hour discussion panel that will give guests a rare opportunity to hear the recommendations and insights first hand of transracial adoptees. These panelists have generously chosen to share their experiences of raising and being raised in communities with parents, family, friends who were/are of a different race than their own.

Adult Adoptee Discussion Panel                                                                                                      This two hour Adult Adoptee Discussion Panel, offers a unique opportunity to listen as five adoptees have an open and honest conversation about our lived experiences as Adoptees. You will have a chance to hear adoptees recommendations and insights first hand as they share their stories.

Adoption Constellation Social Networking

Adult Adoptee Social Networking                                                                                                Adoptee Social Networking Events are to offer space to share our experiences, hear other perspectives, support each other and network with other Adult Adoptees (and their loved ones) to one another! You can check back here for the next theme and important information about the upcoming socials.

Adoptive Parent Social Networking: TBA