Developmental Stages


“Why couldn’t my birth family keep me?” “Does my birth/first mother love me?” ~ “Why did you adopt me?” ~ “How much did I cost?”

Developmental Stages, is one of a four part workshop series: Talking With Children About Adoption. Wondering where you come from and how you became a part of your family is a healthy part of identity development. It is critical that adoptive parents understand this healthy, natural curiosity, is a part of understanding ones self. Most children who know they are adopted wonder about the answers to the questions above, in addition to many others that focus on their adoption. One of the challenges parents face is how to both be age appropriate and honest.

In this 4 hour workshop we will cover:

  • How to prepare for and answer questions children will have about their adoption journey.
  • The importance of parents planting a seed at any age about difficult topics
  • When and how to talk about what topics.
  • When is the worst age for a child to discover hard information about their adoption.

This workshop is appropriate for adoptive parents, waiting parents, birth/first parents and professionals.

What past participants found most helpful in this workshop:“How to respond to questions and how it will effect our child.” ~ “[The] Perspective of an adoptee- [the] idea of kids being able to confidently handle [questions] into adulthood.”


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Location/Date/Time: TBA

Cost: Couples: $90 Individuals: $60

PRESENTED BY:  Astrid Castro (BIO), Hosted by: Boys & Girls Aid (adopting/adopted through Boys & Girls Aid is not required to attend this workshop. Open to the public)

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Cancellation Policy – 14 days prior to the event: full refund, 13-7 days: transfer funds to another workshop, 6 days or less: no refund.